Florian Brücher
3D Artist, Web & Game Developer
- High/Low poly environment and prop modelling
- UV mapping, texture painting and normal map generation, GLSL
- Professional experience with Physically-based rendering techniques
- General understanding of programming principles and software development

- Adobe Photoshop (Non-destructive image manipulation, Texture creation, HDR, Photo editing, Scripts, Actions)
- Blender & 3D Studio Max (High/Low poly modelling, Unwrapping, Animation editing) - Advanced knowledge of Adobe Premiere/InDesign/Dreamweaver/Flash, Freehand, Scribus, Inkscape and Krita - Basics of Mudbox and zBrush
- 3D Engine/Editor experience in Crysis Sandbox 2, Unity3D 4, Rightware Kanzi

- Comfortable with Linux (Mint/Cinnamon, Ubuntu/KDE), Windows and macOS
- Versed in GLSL, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript

For details please add me on LinkedIn or XING. LinkedIn XING

Games I've worked on include:
Dirt Rally
Grid Autosport
Grid 2
F1 2014
F1 2013 (Brands Hatch)
F1 Race Stars
Emergency 2012
Lord of the Rings Online